athy Valentine has been a working musician and songwriter for over 40 years, ever since she started her first band, at age 16, in her hometown of Austin. After moving to Los Angeles, Kathy joined a band that would go on to make music history: The Go-Go’s. In this group, Kathy wrote or co-wrote some of the band’s most renowned tunes, including the hits “Vacation” and “Head Over Heels.” She returned to Austin in 2006 and began finding new opportunities as a public speaker, spokesperson, producer, and mentor. In 2016 she signed with UT Press to write a memoir, and appeared in a major role in a feature film, “The Transcendents” which premieres this fall.
he’s also looking forward to this summer’s premiere of a Broadway musical featuring the music of the Go-Go’s, publication of her memoir, along with an accompanying solo record, and is soon going to graduate college with her first interdisciplinary Fine Arts/English degree. In the meantime, she still shows up at the gig with her guitar in the all-female rock band The Bluebonnets, who released a record in April 2017.
Kathy’s greatest loves are her 15-year-old daughter Audrey, writing, music, and travel: she has visited over 20 countries around the world and hopes to visit 25 more in her lifetime. Her hobbies are reading, computer graphics, digital recording, social media, and politics.