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Lyrics matter to me, a lot. If I put out a song and have written or co-written the lyrics, you can be sure that I worked my ass off on them, trying to be original, make sense, be authentic, smart, resonate my ideas and feelings, and connect with people. Sometimes I write poems and the poetry helps me think of songs. In 2016, I signed a deal with the prestigious and super cool UT Press to publish a memoir. I’m writing it all myself— I was inspired after the success of a Twitter memoir that I posted, 140 characters at a time, in 2009-10. Writing this book is teaching me discipline in a new artistic field, and giving me the foundation and skills to continue as a writer. The book is a coming of age story about a wayward girl (me!) who found and lost her dream and lost and found herself through rock and roll. (not sure what to have here until there’s an actual book) My other writing efforts, besides songs and my studies, can be found at The Talkhouse where I wrote several music reviews at this site devoted to music and music lovers. I found writing about music really challenging—which kind of surprised me since I’ve been playing music in bands for over 40 years! I want to post essays and stuff here. If I get lazy about it, please feel free to nag me on twitter or FB. Sometimes I’ll be legit busy, but sometimes it might just take a nudge.

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