I’m Kathy Valentine

And I can speak for all of The Go-Go’s when I say we are are so happy and excited  and proud to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Being in a band is a trip. It’s kind of like a marriage—in our case, a polygamous same-sex marriage that has divorced and remarried and divorced and remarried. Our band has been like the most rinky dink traveling circus you could imagine, like a snarling wolf pack, and very much like family. 

That we are a sisterhood, and women, is significant. We became a commercially successful band, but we started at the bottom, where all rock bands start. We went where we went, and we are where we are because our music found its way into our fan’s hearts and lives. 

By recognizing our achievement the Rock Hall celebrates possibility—the sort of possibility that creates hopeful dreamers. By honoring the historical contribution we made, the door to this establishment has opened wider, and the Go-Go’s will be advocating for the inclusion of more women. Women who have paved the way for us and others, women who start bands, excel on instruments, write songs, make and produce records.

Because here is the thing: There would not be less of us if more of us were visible.

To the little girls, teenagers, young ladies, women of any age who are out there in the world and wanting and dreaming to be heard, hopefully loudly and with guitars/drums/bass/and your unique, wonderful voices…the Go-Go’s are here to say dream baby dream and rock on!

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  • Angie Koury

    Wonderful acceptance speech Kathy. So proud of all 5 of our GoGos, both as a group and as individual musicians, all with great, unique and inspiring talents who were there for me (my entire life) as well as others. You have an undying fan base, those of us who were ‘with yall’ in the beginning and are still with y’all now, well into our 50’s. You 5 are truly an inspiration to our younger generations too. Congratulations and please, keep on rocking for us die hard fans who love and appreciate y’all.

  • Cheryl

    Fantastic speech, so inspiring! You ladies rock!!!

  • Shari

    That just gave me chills. So very happy for you all. You deserve the recognition for not only your contribution to Rock n Roll, but by being visible, vunerable, working women- even working MOMS- who have been killing it for four decades!


    Not surprised they picked you to represent. You’re the articulate badass godmother of rock and roll and no one could have done better. Congratulations from one of your first fans – we continue to celebrate with you as you bask in this long-deserved honor!

  • Karen Pagenkopf Teig

    I loved your speech! It was very inspiring. I also loved that they showed your daughter smiling at you as you gave your speech. That was adorable!

  • Joseph M Pesetski

    What a great tribute. So sorry you lost your mom Kathy. Now, she will always have a front row seat to all of your shows!

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