Kathy Valentine’s Book Coming Soon!

I have all but finished my memoir for UT Press. Things are on schedule for a 2020 release. We’re keeping the title and details under wrap for a while, but I’m SO excited. In the meantime, I’m working on a soundtrack to the book. This will be a solo record, my first since 2005, inspired by the writing, the chapters, the feelings and memories. The story spans 20 years and if I’ve done my job right, will leave you wanting a second one with the next 20!

The Go-Go’s Rocked the Hollywood Bowl

Many of you saw us in California in summer 2018! Playing the Hollywood Bowl for three nights running, WITH the LA Philharmonic was mind-blowing! This band continues to bring the best opportunities and experiences imaginable to my life. So very grateful for it all and thrilled to be back.

New Shows for the Bluebonnets

We took a hiatus while I focused on my book and now are up and playing again, with several SXSW parties coming up next week, Denton, Fort Worth, Houston, and opening for Jesse Dayton at the Continental Club, Austin. We have an exciting booking at the Ellnora Festival Guitar Festival in Urbana, Ill. On September 7, 2019. Hopefully, we will get a Chicago date too!
Check here for updates: www.thebluebonnets.net or https://www.facebook.com/TheBluebonnets/

She Factory kicks off

I started a non-profit called She Factory to present events and shows featuring the talents of women in the arts. The second one will be April 6, 2019 at the Townsend in Austin, Texas. Organizing these shows uses all my skills and is super challenging and rewarding. All money raised goes to a women-centered charity.

The debut of She Factory featured Nina Diaz, Carolyn Wonderland, Jane Ellen Bryant, Suzanna Choffel, Patricia Vonne and Ruthie Foster.

“At this ‘She Factory’ event, ‘The Song Pool’ brings together a variety of women songwriter/performers in an interactive, casual environment to play some of their songs and discuss with both the audience and the other performers, the art of songwriting,” said Kathy Valentine. “She may discuss the specific song, what inspired it or how songwriting in general impacts, narrates or expresses aspects of her life.” – from Austin Monthly.

She Factory Pumps Music and Money Into Female-led Creative Scene


Kathy Valentine Featured in new Brookside Chocolate Advert

Kathy Valentine for Brookside Chocolate That’s Ballsy!

Super proud to be part of Brookside Chocolate #ThatsBallsy campaign!! The company handpicked women who they thought were #BALLSY to put out a message of finding ourselves, standing up for ourselves, pursuing our passions and being unafraid to be ourselves no matter what age, what weight, what place in our lives and careers we are at! What better day than #InternationalWomensDay to launch? Growing and changing is not just for young people, it’s essential for #LIFE #BrooksidePartner ==> oh, and the chocolate is YUM

Who says you can’t Go-Go back?

The Go-Go's Reunion shows for "Head Over Heels" musical.

The Original Five The Go-Go’s Reunited!

It’s true. After joining the band in NYC and Miami for 2 private shows to help announce and promote our upcoming musical “Head Over Heels,” it was decided that it would be a good thing for me to join my old bandmates this summer for a short series of shows. These were booked before I came on board, so you might see pictures and ads that only feature 4 Go-Go’s, but rest assured, I will be there, rockin’ and playing my heart out!

Playing Timeless Music, Again

I was nervous walking into the first rehearsal in New York, maybe we all were. As soon as I plugged in my new bass (a pale pink Fender jazz Flea model) I tell you, it was magic and mojo and chemistry. Never under-estimate the power of music to heal! We were all smiles, and I felt so much joy playing these timeless songs once again.

We got the chance to connect personally too; in many ways, it was like no time had passed and yet much had changed. I’ve had a very full and happy life the past 5 years, and not being in the Go-Go’s has pushed me into a lot of positive new directions and challenges– I don’t know if I would have gone into them without that void. But I credit the Go-Go’s with giving me the foundation to build any career opportunities and for giving me some of the most unbelievable experiences of my life.

“Head Over Heels,” the Broadway musical based on the music of The Go-Go’s

Starting 2018 with a renewed connection to the band, and a freaking BROADWAY MUSICAL featuring our music opening this summer is an outcome better than any I could have imagined. Therein is one of the lessons of life I treasure most: accept what is, trust that all is as it should be, and never stop moving forward and being open and receptive to the surprising gifts that might be around the corner.

The Show Dates

July 2 – July 4 at the Hollywood Bowl. We will be joined by the Los Angeles Philharmonic conducted by Thomas Wilkins.

July 28th at the Fox Theater, Oakland


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